Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Regarding Reincarnated to Slime

Author: Fuse
Summary :
A 37 years old nice guy was suddenly stabbed to death by a Slasher on the street.  When his consciousness returned and checking his body, he became a slime!
"Eh?...Eh? Why a Slime, why!!!" so he said, although his every day was an enjoyable Slime life.
The things he can do increases, his minions also increases. "Should I aim to become a Demon Lord someday?" This was a different world Slime's life of a natural airhead protagonist who slipped from somewhere. 

※The Main Story conclusion was finished.

The Extra volumes are redundant for some people
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In collaboration with Clown (Clown is dead), Sushi (Alive)
Also see Shurim (S/He's the one who currently translating the manga)
About LN, it's a DMCA bomb so the one who did LN translations dropped it
P.S I might redo my past chapters if I found time to do so

 Main Story (215/250) (86%)
Empowerment Arc
Chapter 2  : First Contact
Chapter 3  : First Conversation (Clown)
Chapter 4  : First Friend (Clown)
Chapter 5  : Signs of Trouble (Clown)
Chapter 6  : Skill Acquisition (Clown)
Chapter 7  : First Battle (Clown) 
Chapter 8  : The Powers in my Hands (Clown)
Chapter 9  : Negotiation with the Goblin (Clown)
Chapter 10: Fight of the Goblin Village (Clown)
Chapter 11: Evolving Monsters (Clown) 
Chapter 12: Preparing Our Environment (Clown)
Chapter 13: To the Dwarf Kingdom (Clown) 
Chapter 14: Trouble
Chapter 18: The End of Turmoil (Clown)
Chapter 19: Return to the Village
Chapter 21: A New Movement
Chapter 23: Flame Giant
Chapter 24: Reminiscence ~Funeral March~ (Clown)
Chapter 26: New Abilities (Clown)
Extra Light Novel Illustrations

Forest Disturbance Arc
Chapter 27: The Ogre Tribe (Clown)
Chapter 28: Jobs (Clown)
Chapter 29: Lizardman's Invasion (Clown)
Chapter 30: Envoy (Clown)
Chapter 31: Emergency Meeting (Clown)
Chapter 32: Stage Curtain Rises (Clown)
Chapter 33: Audience (Clown)
Chapter 34: The Outbreak of War
Chapter 35: Battle Preparation (Clown)
Chapter 36: Participation in the War 
Chapter 37: Encounter -Benimaru & Ranga  (Clown)
Chapter 38: Devil Gelmudo
Chapter 39: Gears of Fate  (Clown)
Chapter 40: Orc Disaster
Chapter 41: Predator (Clown)
Chapter 42: The Great Jura Forest Coalition  (Clown)
Chapter 43: War Reparations  (Clown)
Chapter 44: And thus we finished the Town  (Clown)
Life in the Royal Capital Arc
Chapter 45: Those who Observe (Clown)
Chapter 46: A Country’s name and two treaties (Clown)
Chapter 47: A City’s Specialty (Clown)
Chapter 48: Demon Lords Invasion (Clown)
Chapter 49: Hurricane Milim (Clown)
Chapter 50: Frontier Garrison (Clown)
Chapter 51: To a Human City (Clown)
Chapter 52: Journey (Clown)
Chapter 53: Freedom Association (Clown)
Chapter 54: Business ~ The Start of a Trade (Clown)
Chapter 55: Adventurer Registration (Clown)
Chapter 56: Ingrasia Kingdom (Clown)
Chapter 57: To Learn Magic
Chapter 58: The Summoned ~ those who are called heroes ~ (Clown)
Chapter 59: The Church Moved (Clown)
Chapter 60: It’s Sudden, but let’s test it now (Clown)
Chapter 61: The First Dungeon Conquest
Chapter 62: A Spirit is… (Clown)
Chapter 63: Children and Ghosts (Clown)
Chapter 64: Last days in the Royal Capital (Clown)
Extra: Light Novel Illustrations (Clown)

Birth of a Demon Lord Arc
Chapter 65: Prelude of the  Disaster (Clown)
Chapter 66: Chance Meeting (Clown)
Chapter 67: Forest's Marauders (Clown)
Chapter 68: Soul and Hope
Chapter 69: Birth of a Demon Lord
Chapter 70: Harvest Festival (Clown)
Chapter 71: I, The One Who Had Sprouted (Clown)
Chapter 72: Upon Awakening (Clown)
Chapter 73: The Freed One (Clown)
Chapter 74: Veldora (Clown)
Chapter 75: Conference (Clown)
Chapter 76: Conference - Main Act (Clown)
Chapter 77: Ramiris's Report (Clown)
Chapter 78: Demon Lords (Clown)
Chapter 79: Dino and Dagruel (Clown)
Chapter 80: The Incident Before the Banquet 

Chapter 81: At the Banquet (Clown)
Chapter 82: Equality In Death
Chapter 83: Eight Star Demon Lord (Clown)
Extra Volume 5 Illustrations (Light Novel) (Clown)
Extra Character Introductions

Confrontation of Saint and Demon Arc
Chapter 84: The Downfall of Falmas Kingdom
Chapter 85: The Words that Reached (Clown)
Chapter 86: Those who Moves in the Dark (Clown)
Chapter 87: The Holy City (Clown)
Chapter 88: Towards the Second Encounter(Clown)
Chapter 89: Different Plans (Clown)
Chapter 90: VS Holy Knights Part 1 
Chapter 91: VS Holy Knights Part 2 (Clown)
Chapter 92: VS Holy Knights Part 3
Chapter 93: VS Holy Knights Part 4(Clown)
Chapter 94: Mastermind (Clown)
Chapter 95: Complete Victory 
Chapter 96: Chance to Speak (Clown)
Chapter 97: Compensation and Future Relations! (Clown)

Founding of the Demon Capital Arc

Chapter 98: Letter of Invitation (Clown)
Chapter 99: Tournament Preparations (Clown)
Chapter 100: Underground Labyrinth (Clown)
Chapter 101: Smooth Plan(Clown)
Chapter 103: Monster Slaves (Kuma)
Chapter 104: The Night Before (Clown)
Chapter 105: Tournament - Preliminary (Kuma)
Chapter 109: Tournament - Finals Part 4 (Kuma)
Chapter 110: Tournament - Finals Part 5 (Clown)
Chapter 116: Evaluation Meeting (Kuma)
Chapter 117: Smooth Sailing (Clown)
Chapter 118: Labyrinth and Trust
Chapter 119: How to Enjoy a Dungeon (Clown)

Devil's Secret Maneuvers Arc

Chapter 120: Setting Off(Clown)
Chapter 121: Hinata and the Kids (Clown)
Chapter 122: Hinata and Yuuki (Kuma)
Chapter 123: Predestined Fate
Chapter 124: Birth of a Hero
Chapter 126: The Rebellion's Beginning
Chapter 127: Excuse and Reflection
Chapter 128: Alliance of Three Kingdoms
Chapter 129: Yuuki Subjugation War
Chapter 130: A Sudden Invitation
Chapter 131: Demon Lord Leon
Chapter 132: Kagurazaka Yuuki
Chapter 133: Leon vs Yuuki - Part 1
Chapter 134: Leon vs Yuuki - Part 2
Chapter 135: After the Incident
Chapter 136: Eastern Empire

The Empire Invades! Arc

Chapter 137: A Year of Progress (Part 1)(Part 2)
Chapter 138: A Request From the Council
Chapter 139: The Whole Story of the Assembly
Chapter 140: Research Results
Chapter 141: An Unexpected Guest
Chapter 142: Military Affairs
Chapter 143: The Dreadful Corps
Intermission -Venom's Story- 
Chapter 144: Underground Labyrinth Capture -Enforcer Scout Platoon-
Chapter 145: Underground Labyrinth Capture -Capture of Irresistible Force-
Chapter 146: Underground Labyrinth Capture -Outcome and Conclusion-
Chapter 147: The Empire that Start to Move
Chapter 148: A Decision Made too Late
Chapter 149: Night Before the Start of the War
Chapter 150: Expectations that become True
Chapter 151: Great War Outbreak -Start-
Chapter 152: Great War Outbreak -Agitation and Resolution-
Chapter 153: Great War Outbreak -The Trampling Began-
Chapter 154: Great War Outbreak -The Smiling Demon-
Chapter 155: First Match Victory and Enemy Main Force
Chapter 156: Conference Within the Labyrinth 
Chapter 157: Battle Inside the Labyrinth
Chapter 158: The Labyrinth's Absolutely Strong People
Chapter 159: Capital Defensive Battle
Chapter 160: Sweeping Annihilation War
Chapter 161: The Act of the Ungodly Demon Lord 
Intermission -Shinji's Story-

Clash of Dragon and Demon Arc  
Chapter 162: Reward and Evolution Part 1
Chapter 163: Reward and Evolution Part 2
Chapter 164: Reward and Evolution Part 3
Chapter 186: The First Move
Chapter 187: The One who Observes
Chapter 188: Apostle of the End
Chapter 189: Army in the Sky
Chapter 192: Walpurgis
Chapter 193: To Each Preparations
Chapter 194: World Rumbling
Chapter 197: Demon vs Angel
Chapter 199: Rimuru Disappearance
Chapter 202: Moderate Clown Troupe
Chapter 204: The Confused World
Chapter 205: Vs Dagruel Part 1
Chapter 206: Vs Dagruel Part 2
Chapter 207: Vs Dagruel Part 3
Chapter 208: Vs Dagruel Part 4
Chapter 209: Sprout of Envy 
Chapter 210: Leon's Feelings
Chapter 212: Foolish Kazaream
Chapter 213: Unjust Ending
Chapter 214: The Closed World
Chapter 215: Time Accelerated
Chapter 216: Vs Dagruel Part 5
Chapter 217: Vs Dagruel Part 6
Chapter 218: Vs Dagruel Part 7
Chapter 219: Vs Dagruel Part 8 -Conclusion-
Chapter 220: Royal Capital Mayhem
Chapter 221: Royal Capital Mayhem -Hero-
Chapter 222: Royal Capital Mayhem -Sudden Change-
Chapter 223: Royal Capital Mayhem -Evacuation-
Chapter 224: Royal Capital Mayhem -Defeat-
Chapter 225: Intersecting Checkmate
Chapter 226: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 1
Chapter 227: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 2
Chapter 228: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 3
Chapter 229: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 4
Chapter 230: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 5
Chapter 231: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 6
Chapter 232: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 7
Chapter 233: Encroachment to the Labyrinth Part 8 -Conclusion-
Chapter 234: Control of the Archangel
Chapter 235: In the Northern Land -First Part-
Chapter 236: In the Northern Land -Middle Part-
Chapter 237: In the Northern Land -Latter Part-
Chapter 238: Justice and Contradiction
Chapter 239: The Soaring Wall
Chapter 240: Top Decisive Battle Part 1
Chapter 241: Top Decisive Battle Part 2
Chapter 242: Top Decisive Battle Part 3
Chapter 243: Top Decisive Battle Part 4
Chapter 244: Top Decisive Battle Part 5
Chapter 245: Top Decisive Battle Part 6
Chapter 246: Rimuru vs Y$#%# -First Part-
Chapter 247: Rimuru vs Y$#%# -Second Part-
Chapter 248: Rimuru vs Y$#%# -Last Part-
Epilogue ~ Regarding Reincarnated――

Various Extra Volume


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    probably bawling our eyes out screaming to the sky perhaps......

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    Author: Ruelle


    You've got no place to hide.
    And I'm feeling like a villain, got a hunger inside.
    One look in my eyes,
    And you're running cause I'm coming going to eat you alive. Ah ah ah oh

    Your heart hits like a drum, oh, oh oh
    The chase has just begun, oh, oh, oh

    Monsters stuck in your head
    We are, we are, we are
    Monsters under your bed
    We are, we are
    We are monsters oh, oh
    We are, we are, we are monsters oh

    Ah ah oh ah ah - one misstep, you're mine
    And you better stay clever if you wanna survive
    Once you cross the line
    You'll be wishing you would listen when you meet your demise
    Ah ah ah oh

    Your heart hits like a drum, oh, oh oh
    The hunt has just begun, oh, oh, oh

    Monsters stuck in your head
    We are, we are, we are
    Monsters under your bed
    We are, we are
    We are monsters oh, oh
    We are, we are, we are monsters oh

    We never shoot to stun, we're kings of the killing
    We're out for blood, we'll take them one by one
    We're kings of the killing, we're out for blood
    We never shoot to stun, we're kings of the killing
    We're out for blood, we'll take them one by one
    We're kings of the killing, we're out for blood
    Monsters stuck in your head
    We are, we are, we are
    Monsters under your bed
    We are, we are
    We are monsters oh, oh
    We are, we are, we are monsters oh
    Ah, ah, oh, ah, ah
    Ah, ah, oh, ah, ah

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  12. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully
    soulful read! thanks for sharing.
    GCLUB มือถือ

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